ATV VIN Lookup

Without more ado, finding an ATV history is not so easy as with cars, so I would point to 3 main sources for ATV VIN lookup: AutoCheck, CARFAX and other providers selling NMVTIS reports (the official governmet database). All they specialize on cars, but ATV VIN histories started to show up in their databases just in recent years. Extensive tests I ran have shown that 4-wheeler VIN numbers were found on AutoCheck site more often than on other sites. CARFAX, on the other hand, shows more service and historical odometer records. NMVTIS (that is, all other sites offering VIN histories) has four-wheelers less frequently, but they are cheaper. However, they don’t offer a rock-solid buyback guarantee like CARFAX or AutoCheck, so I’d recommend the latter two options - four-wheelers are costly to compromise. And if it passes CARFAX or AutoCheck checks and you are buying it, the quarantee is a really nice bonus. Looking up ATV VIN through your local DMV is also possible, but the VIN is not always found. In addition, DMV offices do not pass VIN history data to each other, so you will most likely miss important history data if you apply just to a local DMV office for a 4-wheller history. Be particualry careful if the quad you want to check the VIN for is or was registered in Florida, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, California; or in Canada -Ontario, Alberta,

Do I really need to check a quad VIN?

ATV VIN Lookup is of no less importance than with cars or other vehicle types, there are at least three important reasons for that. Frist, as the populartiy of ATVs (aka known as quads of four-whellers), grows, so do the numbers of thefts, as ATVs are much easier to steal and reassemble than a car. At the same time, their cost is running up to that of a good car. Another relatng point: VIN and engine numbers are identical on cars, trucks, RVs and other vehicles designed for public roads - otherwise, CHANCES ARE that the vehicle had undergone a overhaul or major part replacement, was reassembled, stolen, has a fake VIN - and what not! Nevertheless, having different VIN and engine numbers is normal for power sport vehicles, like 4-wheelers or dirt bikes, which make some buyers less prudent than necessary about the probability of it being stolen.

ATV VIN Lookup The second reason is that an ATV is very unsafe as compared to a car. Although is is typically driven at a lower speed due to the peculiarities of the roads it is used on (or even total absense of ones), it may be more prone to rollover accidents, due to the same. Multiply this by the fact that an ATV is ridden for fun rather than for getting from point A to point B with minimum adventure…You see the point, it has no rigid roof to protect you in case of a roll-over and its weight is substantial. This means that the risk that the quad gets out of your control should be AS SMALL AS POSSIBLE, which means it should not have any issues affecting its operability and safety. Problems like salvage title, major accidents, recalls or lemon titles and other undesired things mean that the safety and operabilily are compromised, as well as the adequacy of the purchase price - the third reason. The sale value of a an ATV with a branded title, current or during it history, is much lower. Once you overpay, the chance to sell it as profitably later is very low - unless the buyer fails to get the vehicle history report for that ATV.