Camper VIN Lookup

VIN lookup options for campers pretty much depend on the type of camper of your interest. Specifically, whether the camper is an actual motor vehicle / motorhome or a pickup with a cab-over (where the VIN is located on the pickup!) or just a pull-behind trailer wagon. If the camper you want to run VIN lookup for is a motorvehilce type or a pickup, check if Autocheck or Carfax have any records for its VIN - it’s free and takes a few seconds. Typically, their reports don’t cover campers or motorhomes. However, now and then records on non-standard vehicles may appear in the database so it’s definitely worth trying. Additionally, you can try these $6.99 reports. They are the cheapest of all full reports available online, and they have all you need to buy without worries. And don’t fall for the catch offering free histories - there are no free VIN lookup options for campers or other vehicles that actually provide you with the information you are looking for. The number of records for a trailer VIN is all your can get for free, but you’ll have to pay for anything outside that. Don’t put yours and your family’s life at stake!

If it’s not a motor vehicle but a just a trailer or the type that is carried in the bed of a pickup truck the best way is probably to check for any VIN records with your local DMV office or send a request to the police. Although pull-behind trailers are not motor vehicles, they need plates numbers and have to be registered at the DMV. However, please note that DMV in different states often fail to share information with each other so the data they will provide may be limited just to one state (no info what happened in other states). The procedure differs from state to state, in certain cases the DMV can check the police records for you - even by phone.

Vin Lookup For Vintage Campers

For vintage campers, common VIN check options won’t work - these are for the vehicles with standard 17-character VIN manufactured after 1981. What your can do is send requests to interest clubs, police or websites that specialize in repairing and selling vintage campers.

How to Locate VIN on Campers

Although VIN locations differ on different camper models, these are the most common locations:

  • Tow bar / hitch aka tongue - the protruding metal bars. Specificallly, the populat Rockwood pop-up campers by Forest River RV have the VIN on the right side of the hitch.
  • On driver’s door jamb (on motor vehicles)

On vintage campers VIN locations differ. Read more about camper VIN locations.