Classic Car VIN Lookup

First, let’s define what you need classic car VIN lookup for. If it’s VIN decoding, you can simply visit the manufacturer’s website. Some of them provide specifications based on the VIN number for the models as old as 1940’s. In addition, VIN you can decode the VIN on your own if you know what every specific digit means (a VIN decoding table can be of much help).

If you want to track classic car VIN history, you’ll have to go to the website like that specialize on classic car VIN number lookup and list interest clubs and specialize on specific classic makes and models. There, you can also decode a VIN number and find all the information you need on specific makes and models.

Problems of Classic Car VIN Lookup

  • The major problem with classic car VIN lookup is that classic car VIN numbers are different from the standard 17-digit VIN numbers and are not found in the standard VIN history databases with the major car history report providers like CARFAX or AutoCheck. This means that the information is collected bit by bit from numerous sources.
  • The information kept at the DMV agencies cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons
  • The old records may just not exist, may be purged as dormant if the classic car does not show up for many years or be unavailable in electronic databases (which complicates the search manyfold).
  • However, the major problem of VIN lookup is that local DMV agencies do not share the data with each other so you’ll have to check all the 50 states

Classic Car VIN Locations

Classic Car VIN LookupLocating the VIN number on a classic car turned out to be an issue for many people because the location is not standardized like with modern cars. However, start with the well-known stop on the dashboard near the windshield. Examine the stirring column (under the stirring wheel), then the firewall of the vehicle. The nest place is the door edge or door jam on the driver’s side. If you don’t find the VIN there pass on to the inside of the wheel arch on the driver’s side (you may need a flashlight for that).

Where to Search for Classic Car VIN History

The most effective way of doing classic car VIN search is contacting specialized interest clubs throughout the country and checking a specific VIN in their registries. As the number of specific classic models is limited, chances are that the one you need to lookup is listed. NMVTIS may also have some history records on classic cars.