Free VIN Lookup

Free VIN Lookup is widely offered on the Internet. But what free VIN Lookup actually is? Does it actually protect you from buying a problem car? Free VIN lookup is an VIN number check option offered by all vehicle history report providers. This option shows the number of records attached to a specific VIN number. But it gives no information on what sort of events were reported. Of course, you could assume that a vehicle with a few records in the history is a problem vehicle and go on with your search until VIN lookup shows 0 records. But in this manner you can let slip a really good deal.

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VIN LookupThe problem is that about 99 per cent of used cars will have some records in their history reports and “a record” does not necessarily report salvage title, a major accident, theft or another problem. It can be just an emission inspection record, a maintenance record, cosmetic damage or a paid off loan.

Can Free VIN Lookup Protect Me?

Assuming that the vehicle is safe with just a couple of records reported is not wise either. These records can easily turn out to be a theft or flood damage. You can find out what stands behind a record only if you get the vehicle history report. In addition, free vehicle history report companies provide no guarantees with free VIN lookup. But if you get a full car history report you can get a title protection guarantee. This means that the car history report provider takes responsibility for the data in the reports and obliges to buy the vehicle back from you if the vehicle has title problems not included in the report. s