Motorhome VIN Lookup

Motorhome VIN Lookup is not so easy as car VIN lookup because most major car history services like Autocheck offer detailed history reports only for cars. However, there are smaller companies that offer reliable motorhome VIN Lookup reports at a really low cost. The reports may not include maintenance records, but they will have all the information you need to make a purchasing decision or discard a potentially bad deal:

  • Title problems (250 Brands, including salvage, rebuilt, flooded, lemon, total-Loss etc)
  • Junk Cars (including cash-for-clunkers program)
  • Taxi, Fleet or Rental cars.
  • Odometer tampering.
  • Lemon cars
  • Crash-Testing
  • Recalls
  • Theft (not just the USA but also Mexico, and Canada)
  • 7,800 Insurance Companies Checked!

Motorhome VIN Location

It is highly recommended to locate the motorhome VIN and make sure it is correct and not faked prior to buying. For this, check the following common locations:

  • Dash by windshield
  • Driver’s door or post on passenger side
  • Steering column
  • Firewall of the vehicle
  • Left hand inner wheel arch
  • Radiator support bracket

The motorhome VIN will also be replicated in the guarantee and maintenance Book and the documents, such as title or registration. Make sure the VIN in the papers is exactly the same as on the motorhome. The engine number should be the same as VIN, unless the engine was replaces due to an overhaul. Such discrepancy can be a warning sign that needs VIN lookup because very often the engine number will not be mentioned in the title.

Motorhome VIN decoder

Since 1981, all mototrhome VINs are standard 17-digit codes. Standard VIN decoding applies to motorhome VIN numbers, where the 1st character points to the country of origin, the 2nd to the manufacturer, the 3rd to 8th digits encode body style, engine and other specs, 9th is the check digit, 10th digit points to the year of manufacturing, 11th character points to assembly plant and transmission type, 12th to 17th characters identify a specific vehicle, this sequence also includes the serial number and is always numeric.