Why Do VIN lookup in Texas?

VIN lookup in Texas is a must for used car buyers because the state is notorious for title washing, a fraudulent practice of cleaning problem history and removal of title branding from a vehicle title. Very often, junk vehicles designated for parts only are resold to unsuspecting buyers after being given satisfactory looks. If you get a vehicle history report from one of online car history report providers, like Carfax or Autocheck, you may discover really dirty things about the history of a Texas car. Filing an application for Texas VIN history check at TX DMV is also possible, but it has a number of serious disadvantages. You will not access your report instantly and may have to go through bureaucratic routine, DMV reports won’t have so much data as those from companies that specialize on car histories, and the last (but not least), DMV offices in different states frequently fail for share car title history with each other, which means that you DMV may be unable to warn you about previous title problems. That’s why online car history report companies are the best place to do VIN lookup in Texas.

In one of recent cases, 19 persons were convicting for car title washing scams with the purpose of selling to unknowing buyers low-cost vehicle at high price. Title washing scam in Texas was based on a mechanic’s lien process. According to Texas law, if a mechanic is not paid by the car owner for the jobs, he can dispose of the car at public sales after notifying the owner. The buyer then applies for a new title and he provides a package of necessary documents. Based on fraudulent paperwork and involvement of fictitious buyers, the new clean titles were obtained and the name of the previous owner or lien-holders, as well as problem history, were removed. Upon receipt of the clean Texas titles, the vehicles are sold to unknowing buyers without disclosing formerly branded titles, such as “salvage title”, parts only or “certificate of distraction”. You cannot know about formerly issued titles without Texas VIN number lookup. As a result of the scam implemented by only by this group of criminals, currently, there are at least are 356 vehicles being driven around the country with fraudulent Texas titles which came just from this incident. And this is just one of the examples we give because the crooks were brought to justice. The actual number of title washed cars in Texas in much bigger. That’s why VIN lookup in Texas is so important. When you run VIN lookup, also be smart when reading the report. Being retitled in a distant state, especially without significant mileage increase should alert you: the car could be resold with the purpose to clean a certain problem.