Travel Trailer VIN Lookup

Travel trailer VIN lookup is not as easy as with cars because not all online VIN lookup companies provide VIN reports on travel trailers. However, CARFAX states that they occasionally receive records on non-covered vehicles, such as travel trailers, as long as they have a 17-digit VIN. So it makes sense to visit their site and run free record lookup if you have a 17-digit trailer VIN. In this way, you can also lookup any possible discrepancies between the travel trailer papers and the basic vehicle data shown in the VIN lookup report. If VIN lookup shows there are records reported, get a full report.

The best way to do travel trailer VIN lookup is to contact or visit you local DMV department and request accident, ownership and theft history. Depending on the state you live in, you may have to pay a small fee to get a travel trailer VIN check report or you may be redirected from the local office to the main office to get the information you want. You may also want to check factory specifications based on the VIN and make sure they match with the documents. For this you should contact the official manufacturer’s dealership. The good news it that travel trailer theft is no so common as a car theft, and accident rates are considerably lower. So is the chance that the travel trailer you want to buy has a bad history.

Travel Trailer VIN Lookup Tips

As with any vehicle, it’s a good idea not just to copy the travel trailer VIN from the papers or the words of the seller but to inspect it directly on the trailer and make sure the VIN numbers in the documents and on the trailer match and there are no signs that the VIN could have been faked.

Travel Trailer VIN Lookup First, you’ll have to look for the VIN and this may be quite a task. Travel trailer VIN locations are not standardized, which means that you may have to inspect the entire body to find the number. Quite often, a trailer VIN can be found on the tongue, the metal bars protruding at the front of its body. Inspect the tongue carefully. If you don’t find it on the tongue, insect the front part of the frame near the wheel. In some cases the VIN may be attached in the inside of the trailer or you may have to inspect the entire vehicle if you don’t find the VIN in the above locations. So get prepared to look for travel trailer VIN number search:

  • Supply yourself with a flashlight, you may really need it.
  • Wear old clothes because to may have to contact dirty parts and examine underside.
  • Make sure the trailer is parked so that you can access it from all angles.