Vehicle Check

A thorough vehicle check is a must for used car buyers because the purchase of a used vehicle is very risky. The range of problems a used car may have is very wide, from severe wear of the vehicle, which seriously affects the value of the vehicle, to major damage due to an accident, flood or fire, which affects the vehicle’s safety and hazards the driver’s and passengers’ lives.

Pre-purchase vehicle check should include the following 3 steps: first of all, you run VIN lookup, then goes test-driving combined with buyer inspection, and the final step is the inspection by an independent expert.

What Does VIN lookup Include?

is done to check the history of a used vehicle, i.e. what happened to the vehicle in the past. Companies specializing in vehicle history data collect the information about the events involving cars and corresponding VIN numbers in huge databases. VIN lookup helps reveal the following information:

  • Vehicle Title lookup
  • Lemon check
  • Odometer records and problems lookup
  • VIN registration lookup
  • Vehicle ownership lookup
  • Water, fire, hail or other major damage records lookup
  • Airbag deployment records lookup
  • Accident records lookup
  • Lien/Loan lookup
  • Theft lookup (stolen vehicle check)
  • State inspection records lookup
  • Vehicle use lookup
  • Vehicle maintenance records lookup
  • Registration in problematic areas

You should always start with VIN lookup because any further steps may turn out senseless if the vehicle history report reveals a major problem. For a UK vehicle, you’ll need vehicle registration lookup.


Test-driving is the only way to feel the vehicle and make sure if this one actually suits you. The primary rule of effecting is being impartial, no matter how you like the car. In some cases customers buy used vehicles without test-driving or even seeing them, for example, when the vehicle is in a different state and traveling there is quite problematic. In such a situation purchasing decision is made based on the results of VIN lookup (also known as VIN number check, VIN report) and independent inspection (the inspector will test-drive the vehicle for you).

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle CheckVIN lookup (also known as VIN number check or Vehicle History Report)Pre-purchase vehicle inspection should always be the final step because it is quite costly. However, the $100-200 spent on the inspection and a very good investment. Pre-purchase vehicle inspection
not just protects you from a problem car but can also help negotiate the price based on the inspection report and shave several hundreds of even thousands off the initial price. Pre-purchase vehicle inspection is highly recommended because not all accidents may be reported to authorities (although this is quite a rare case). In addition, the actual wear of the vehicle depends on how it was maintained by the owner and driven. This can be estimated only in the course of an in-depth inspection.

We hope our recommendation help with pre-purchase vehicle check.