Vehicle Registration Lookup

In the UK, Vehicle registration lookup serves the same purpose and VIN lookup in the US - obtaining the vehicle history report. Vehicle registration lookup is offered by some private companies in the UK. The vehicle history reports theft lookup, VIN cloning lookup, owners lookup, exporting or scrapping history, mileage discrepancies, insurance write offs or being tracked down by the police, insurer or finance company. Reputable companies receive the information from Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DLVA) and other sources like police and insurance companies, and provide financial guarantees with their reports in case there is a mistake in the information they give you. Car owner’s names are never disclosed in the reports. You might want to check or for such reports. All you need to do Vehicle registration lookup on these sites is the registration plate. offers reports for US imports based on VIN lookup, which often have negative hostory.

Car registration lookup at DLVA

At DLVA site, vehicle registration lookup will give you the following information:

  • date of first registration
  • expiry date of the current tax disc or SORN declaration
  • year of manufacture
  • colour
  • engine capacity
  • vehicle excise duty rate

In order to make the request directly on the website please be ready to provide Vehicle Registration Mark (number plate), Vehicle Make and V5C Document Reference Number. You can also make enquiries about the above information by telephone 0906 185 8585, or get the expiry date of the current tax disc by the phone 0906 765 7585. This information is not sufficient to know the past of a used vehicle and make an informed buying decision.

Car registration lookup for car history reports.

How to look up vehicle registration in the US

In the US, vehicle registration lookup based on the registration plate can be used to obtain the owners personal data, like name and address, and also the VIN. However, vehicle history is tied not to the registration plate but to the VIN, Also, vehicle owner’s data is not disclosed by the DMV just to anyone who requests it. Drivers Privacy Protection Act prohibits disclosure of driver’s and vehicle owners personal data to third parties. In order to do vehicle registration lookup and get the owners name and address, you’ll have to prove that you have good reasons for that (like, someone parked his car on you lawn). Using the data illegally is procured by the law. However, governmental institutions like police or courts, or towing services can do car registration lookup whenever they need it.