Where to do VIN history lookup online?

Today, the best-known VIN history lookup options are Carfax and Autocheck websites. These services offer more information on a vehicle history than any other Internet resource. The reports are not limited just to title history but has all the data available that may somehow influence purchasing decision: accident records, odometer and maintenance records, specific uses of the vehicle, loans… For motorcycle VIN history lookup you should visit Cyclevin website, this one specializes on motorcycle histories. These are the only websites that provide buyback guarantee together with their reports, which is the best evidence of these companies’ reputation. This means that report providers promise to compensate you the cost of the vehicles that turn out to have a branded title, which was not mentioned in the report. It goes without saying that the report must be purchased directly from these companies.

Be careful purchasing reports from other companies, check out their reputation before you do. Most of other VIN history lookup companies do not offer vehicle repair, maintenance, accident, or usage history records. What you can find is branded title, theft, odometer and total loss history. The same title history information but at lower cost can the obtained at NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System), a system that was created to decrease the rates of stolen vehicles reselling and protect car buyers from purchasing problem vehicles. NMVTIS is operated by the U.S. Department of Justice. The reports are not free because the according to the Anti-Car Theft Act, system be funded through user fees. However, the cost of VIN history lookup is pretty low - $2 to $7 dollars. The costs vary because different title data sources request different fees for the information. A serious advantage of NMVTIS over Carfax and Autocheck is that the organization checks not just cars but also trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, motor homes, motorcycles, and tractors. Theoretically, this may be enough to make purchasing decision. Practically, why not get more information for additional few dollars, if the information in available?

VIN history lookup ans DMV.org

If you want to do VIN history lookup at DMV, you’ll probably find yourself at DMV.org site, which, however, is not the governmental but a privately run website, which explains the basics of VIN history lookup. It will also redirect you to Autocheck website (you can read more at VIN lookup at DMV page).