VIN Lookup - Free?

Is VIN lookup free? The answer is both Yes and No. Read the information below to learn about VIN number look up free options.

Can I look up VIN for free online?

Yes, but this option has limitations. Another way to run VIN lookup for free is to go to the websites of the major vehicle history report providers.

You will be offered to enter the VIN number in the search box that suggests free record check. Free record check is not the same as VIN look up for free, it is similar to getting a free trial version of a product or service, just like with antivirus software. The report will show how many record the car history company has got in their database regarding a specific VIN. However, you won’t get the full VIN report for free - you’ll have to pay to find out what exactly a record mean. The trick is that a record in not necessarily a flood damage, a salvage title, theft or a major accident. In can be a maintenance record, a minor accident with marginal damage, an ownership change, an emission inspection record or something else that would not make the vehicle a bad deal. That’s why doing VIN number lookup free is not enough to make an informed decision. You want to know what stands behind the records. Otherwise, you may buy a water damaged car (recent hurricanes added another portion of sank vehicles) or reject a great deal. Don’t compromise with car VIN lookup free option, the fee for the full report is insignificant in comparison with the potential loss from a problem car or a great deal you miss!

The major vehicle history report providers are: and for the US and Canada, for the vehicles registered in Sweden, Slovenia or Spain, for UK cars.

Is VIN look up free at the local DMV?

In most cases the answer is Yes, if you are ready to travel to the local DMV office and request the history of a specific vehicle based on its VIN. You should be ready to do all the necessary paper work and get past through some routine bureaucratic procedures to do free VIN lookup at dmv and get the information you need. Please mind that you may still have to pay a small processing fee. Your can run motorcycle VIN lookup free at your local DMV or use Cyclevin website and run online motorcycle VIN lookup for a small fee.

However, if you want to check multiple vehicles you’ll probably have to repeat this procedure multiple times. The best way to know how to do vehicle VIN lookup free at your local DMV is to go to the office and find out (the information is not always available online). The procedure may be different in different states so it’s a good idea to check your local DMV site before you go. The url generally looks like or Please, mind that is a privately held, non governmental site.