VIN Lookup Tool

What is the most effective VIN Lookup Tool?

Buying a vehicle without VIN lookup is highly risky; using a VIN lookup tool is a must. Just some years ago checking a VIN number was a time-consuming and complicated task. Today VIN lookup tools are available online, and you can use them at any moment to check as many VINs as you need. Checking a VIN takes just a new minutes or even seconds. The procedure is very easy, you just need to enter the VIN and get the report. Below you can read about the most reliable online VIN lookup tools that provide the most complete vehicle history reports. Don’t dismiss VIN lookup - get the vehicle history report and safeguard your purchase or even life!

Still not sure you need a VIN report? Check out the cost of a lemon law attorney and car insurance and think again!

VIN Lookup Tool

  1. A free VIN lookup tool is what almost all car buyers look for…And never find what they actually need. The free online VIN check is offered by major vehicle history report providers but it only shows the number of records reported on a certain VIN that they have in their database. Free VIN lookup does not tell anything about specific vehicle’s problems (salvage, theft, etc) because a record can be just anything. Almost 100% of 2-year-old vehicles will have recodes reported and you can know what they mean only if you get a vehicle history report.

  2. AutoCheck is one of the most reliable online VIN lookup tools. AutoCheck reports are backed by Experian, a powerful automotive company that owns AutoCheck brand. A good reason to choose AutoCheck reports is that they show twice as many accidents as CARFAX and include exclusive car auction database. The Unlimited Reports from AutoCheck is also a great option if you need to check many vehicles (which CARFAX does not have). Used car buyers often have hard times choosing which brand is better. The best way to go is probably to get Unlimited Reports first, sift out obviously problem choices and them get CARFAX as well for the best candidate to make sure you get the full information.

  3. CARFAX®is a long established online VIN lookup tool which provides vehicle history reports highly trusted by used car buyers. According to customer reports, it shows more minor maintenance records (such as lube change) than all other providers for example, AutoCheck, the second major online VIN lookup tool. Attention! CARFAX®strongly encourages used car buyers on their website to request their vehicle history report from the sellers (the slogan says “Just Say - Show Me the CARFAX!”), which is not really good advice. How can you know that the CARFAX report the seller shows you is not outdated or fake? Don’t ask the dealer, always do VIN number lookup and get the report yourself, directly on CARFAX website.

Always use VIN lookup tool before the independent pre purchase inspection. It is sad to discover a problem history after paying for the inspection!