VIN Registration Lookup

VIN registration lookup is usually done to uncover VIN registration history, the states the vehicle with a specific VIN number has been previously registered and if it had any branded titles, as opposed to vehicle registration lookup which typically means identifying the owner and his or her and his or her address based on the vehicle’s registration plate. VIN registration lookup is essential for all sorts of driveable used cars for sale, with both rebuilt or clean titles. For example, VIN registration in Canada, Florida or Texas may be a warning sign. Canada is notorious as a supplier of stolen or ex-junk cars. Florida is known as a storm area and flood state, which periodically supplied used car market with water damaged cars. Texas is known as a state where a number of title-washing scams were implemented - the thieves used some “holes” is the states currents automotive legislation. If any of these locations show up in the course of VIN registration lookup, and especially if VIN number registration rapidly changed states and the vehicle traveled across many states, it is highly recommended to do full VIN lookup, i.e. get an AutoCheck or Carfax vehicle history report. You want to know what exactly happen to the vehicle.

How to Check VIN Number Registration

There is a number of ways to do VIN registration lookup. The most reliable option is getting AutoCheck or Carfax reports, which not just tell where the vehicle has been registered, but also provides all details available cross-state about previous accidents, branded titles, thefts, repairs, damages, liens, odometer scams and other things that may affect the vehicle safety and resell value. If you want to limit VIN lookup to just title and odometer check, get a National Motor Vehicle Title Information System report (the NMVTIS data is available from a number of car history sites, just make sure they are reputable).

VIN lookup or vehicle registration lookup?

VIN lookup reveals the history of the vehicle, vehicle registration lookup Please, note that VIN registration information obtained from online VIN lookup companies will not contain the name or the address of the owners because disclosing that kind of information is prohibited by the Drivers Privacy Protection Act. Therefore, if you need to do for vehicle registration lookup you have to file a special form where you provide good reasons for requesting the driver’s personal data. There is no guarantee that your request will be satisfied.